Fall Winter 2018/19 Women’s collection

The Women’s Fall Winter 2019 Collection is awash with styles this season, with something for every occasion.
Experimenting with prints has been a key theme this season, with many models adorning stylish prints both on the outside and inside lining of the coats. The Women’s Fall Winter 2019 edition is also brimming with a wide range of fabrics, ranging from our classic bi-elastic fabric and wool, to keep you warm during the cold winter months, but also new fabrics such as velvet and super soft mohair. Colour is also a key theme this season, with canary yellows and bright reds, as well as pastel blues, teal and violet. As always our prerogative for this collection was maintaining the high quality materials we are known for as well as chic contemporary styles to keep you looking stylish through the winter months.
Click here to download the colour palette.

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